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 Time 4 the Kids to Run WILD!

Just kidding. Well, sort of. At T2R, we know exactly how precious your little ones are to you, and we want to preserve that fleeting moment of childhood so that you may be able to look back on it forever! In order to do so, we love to make photography play! There may seem like a lot to a session with children involved, but T2R put together some great tips to ensure your session is chalk full of fun, play, and memories. Are you a new mommy? Click here for some fantastic advice on what you need to do for the perfect newborn session.

  1. If you or your child are not feeling well, please call and we will be happy to reschedule your appointment.  We would like for everyone to be excited about the photos if someone is not it will show in the finished portrait.
  2. No cheeses in this studio.  Please don’t coach your child to smile.  It will never result in a natural expression.  Getting just the right memory is Stacie’s job; she is good at her profession and seems to get children smiling at what is going on in the camera room.  Sometimes you don’t want a smile anyway especially if it results in a squint.
  3. Clothing is important.  Keep your child happy with clothes that are comfortable for them, and take a gander at these helpful hints:
  • Keep it simple.  Children move quickly, and the simpler the clothing, the easier to touch the clothing up!
  • Your child is the star.  Select clothing that doesn’t compete with your child.  Put light colors together and dark colors together.  A good casual print is always the really blue, blue jeans and a crisp white shirt.
  • Avoid strong patterns, bold stripes, and big designs that all compete in the portrait with your child. We want to see your child’s smiling face, not their crazy t-shirt!
  • Shoes are optional.  We love bare feet on children no matter if it is formal or casual.  You will cherish those bare feet one day.  If you must have shoes keep them simple.
  • Hats are great fun but we will use them last, so we don’t mess up your child’s hair or make them upset!
  • Bring things that make your child happy.  A favorite stuffed animal or something special from someone they love, or a favorite piece of clothing. Even a costume will do…we love playing dress up!
  1. When you arrive at the studio… You will need a little time to get adjusted.  We will have scheduled plenty of time so don’t feel rushed.  Your child needs to get comfortable–it encourages fun! We have plenty of toys and activities for children, many of them working seamlessly into portraits!
  2. Your opinions are important, so please join us in the camera room if you like. Your child will feel more comfortable with you there.  However, avoid coaching your child– too many voices are confusing and your child will look at you instead of the photographer.  They are the star so do not bring other children or friends that are not part of the session.  Sometimes it is better if we work with your children alone, and keep all the fun to ourselves!
  3. Bribes are good sometimes. We are not above bribes! In fact, they help a lot every once in a while. We suggest you don’t start with a bribe, however. If bribes are going to work they have to come at the right time!  It is our suggestion you don’t promise a special treat or trip if your children are good before the session.  Bribes are rarely needed because the children have so much fun with us, but it is nice to  know that we have a back-up plan!

Following these tips will ensure a wonderful session, for you and your little ones! Come see what the fun is all about and call us today at 1(910)253-7428  And make sure to ask about our famous Watch Me Grow program(click for the link)- a program designed to capture every single moment of your child growing up, while saving you oodles!

New Mommies

The hard part is done, right? Just kidding! The adventures of motherhood have just started, and T2R wants to start that journey with you! Newborn babies are precious, delicate moments of a child’s life because your child will never be a newborn again. That may sound quite obvious to say, but from a photographer’s point of view, there are special photographs we can capture during the newborn stage that can only really be caught in that small window of time.

Just how small is that window of time? From the day your child is born, we have only 10 days to capture (what us professionals call) the ‘newborn curl.’ Highly sought after, this is a specific posture in which the baby is still curled up in a fetal position. During this time, your child will still be sleeping very deeply, allowing for more flexibility in how we pose your baby. These portraits are very special and are once in a lifetime. In order to ensure that we capture this special moment on film, here are a few tips for mommy and baby to follow!

  1. Make your appointment BEFORE your child is born. This will establish that T2R has a spot just for you, as we can be VERY busy! Make your appointment within the 10 day time period as well– we lose the newborn curl after this. If 10 days post birth is not possible, babies can sometimes be lulled to sleep on up to their 12th day, however the likelihood of catching those precious baby moments quickly dwindle the longer you wait.
  2. For your session, make sure you bring anything in that you want expressed with your little one. Sports fan in the house? Bring a football or Daddy’s favorite jersey in for props. Live on a farm? T2r Once had a couple wheel in a giant tractor wheel from their farm– with T2R, the possibilities are just endless! Now is the time to capture some beautiful moments through unique sets that have been inspired by both mom and dad, so while you are making your appointment, feel free to tell T2R any ideas or props you want to bring in. We love inspiration!
  3. Bring as many outfits as you like, but we love taking photographs of naked newborns! Outfits tend to complicate sessions, and create the possibility of waking your newborn up. We recommend maybe one or two outfits, with as many hats and accessories as you want!
  4. When session time comes around, we ask that you do not feed until you arrive at the studio. We have several private rooms that you may feed in. The reason we ask you this is because we want your baby to fall into a deep sleep- the best way to let this happen is a ‘milk drunk’ which babies get after their feeding. The studio itself will be VERY hot– anywhere from 85 degrees Fahrenheit to 95 degrees Fahrenheit! Between the feeding and the heat, which stimulates conditions not unlike the environment in your belly, that baby will be fast asleep!
  5. Sessions can last from half an hour to three hours! We will have drinks and snacks, but come prepared. T2R will also request that you not sit too close to your baby. Incredibly, your newborn can pick up your scent, which means the second they start to smell you, that sweet newborn will wake up and expect some food!

With these little tips and tricks in mind, aren’t you excited for your newborn session? Call today to book with us…we’ll create a wonderful memory for you! 1(910)-253-7428